Scarborough Area Music Centre

The Tuck Shop is going from strength to strength and has often been cited as 'the best thing at Music Centre' by many of the children.  We are now sited in the College's main entrance.


What little profit we do make has previously paid for new music stands and refreshments on trips etc  so we are channelling money back in to help Music Centre activities along the way!


Nicky Jackson currently manage the stock/funds and organises the rota for us.  If you would like to volunteer to help man (or woman!) Tuck Shop one Saturday morning, please contact Nicky by email: or by phone: 07969 754961.


We always have two people on duty, so don't be afraid you will be on your own.  New faces are always welcome so if you can manage just one week per term, that's only three per year, we would be delighted to see you.

Registered Charity No  10648145


Saturday 16 September - Nicola Spark and Lisette Backhouse


Saturday 23 September - Claire Thornhill and Donna Stockill


Saturday 30 September - Nicky and Rosie


Saturday 7 October - Ros and Amy Kendall


Saturday 14 October - Angela Bamforth and Lisa Scott




Saturday 4 November - Nicky and Rosie


Saturday 11 November - Claire Thornhill and Donna Stockill


Saturday 18 November - Wendy and Louise Snell


Saturday 25 November - Kathy Seabrook and Janine Lee


Saturday 2 December - Angela Bamforh and Lisa Scott


Saturday 9 December - Nicky and Rosie









Tuck Shop

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URGENT Tuck volunteers wanted, please contact Nicky (see details below)

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